We are dog friendly.  Please review the following...

We love our four legged friends and have pet friendly cabins and rooms available if you are travelling with your pet.  Please make sure to arrangements prior to your stay so we an accommodate you. You will be charged a one time fee of $35.00 per pet / per visit. We understand that pets are part of the family and enjoy a holiday as much as you do!. With this in mind, they do not want to be left alone or unattended where they may be tempted to bark, chew or mess.

We ask that you please be responsible for your pet to avoid additional cleaning or repair charges from any unexpected surprises. Please leave a cell phone number or other contact number with our Rental Office if you must leave your pet alone in the cabin at any time. We rely on you to make respectful decisions regarding your dogs behavior.  Even though your pet may may not bark at home their behavior can change in an unfamiliar environment and we do not wish to disturb any nearby guests.

If your pet sheds please bring a blanket or sheets for him / her to use. We

We have a dog walk with doo doo bags and container for your convenience.  There are walking trails nearby for exercise as well as 2 dog parks located within a 5 minute drive.  Please treat your pet just like you would at home.

Owners are responsible for picking up after their pets and any accidental damages.

Dog with toy